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Louissa Pounded On The Balcony


Elizabeth gets banged by the Night Guards (By Generalbutch)

I wouldn't mind a liquid lunch some days. The both of you are going to die.

Elizabeth gets banged by the Night Guards (By Generalbutch)

You'll kill me!" "Nonsense. Beside the shower are two towels, obviously laid out, ready for use. The Louisaa of something in her moving. "Second, you will learn that there is a hierarchy here at Tarnheim. " "Whahellip;" "Now be quiet will you?" The woman interrupted again, still chuckling No Pan Shemale, "I'd hate to have to rip your tongue outhellip;that comes later!" The small woman typed a few more keys with her gloved hand and whistled softly, "My goodness, how much did you steal anyway?" "I have no ideahellip;" This time the small woman didn't laugh as she turned and to face the Plunded blonde, "SHUT UP YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Gayle stood quickly and pulled the blonde wig from her head, "It wasn't bad enough you sent those three shitheads to rape and murder me, but you've been stealing the company blind for the last four years too?" "No nohellip;it's not possiblehellip;you're dead!" Candy gasped as she saw the small woman push her glasses back up her nose, something she had seen Gayle do a million times.

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