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Shower Head

"Is it a drama?"

Stroking Comp

He was so tired. Ohhhhhh, God, whaaahhhhhhhhhhh. I wondered how many naked girls he's seen in the back of his taxi. I got so hyper I yelled out in ecstasy as I felt Wil's cum shoot and shoot in me.

Stroking Comp

" "Really?" "I know she likes me but a crush?" Ellen just nodded and smiled. At first you are obsessed with the first kiss, and then youre obsessed with the first time. We came up for air and eyes never leaving each other we said not a wordhellip;just stared hungrily and then we attacked each other furiously.

I pushed the front of my shorts down to free my cock then lifted her dress up enough to get my cock under it then pushed in until I could touch my knob to her pussy lips. She went with deeper strokes in me as my pussy gladly Dildo Stuffing them. "On three?" "Three!" she roared and charged before he was ready. Ok, whats your name.

I smiled but didn't close my legs. Yeah. He closed his eyes and didnt move. She had the soft part of her foot on the underside head of my cock, and was rubbing it in rhythm with Allisons pumping. Making her drop to her knees, Bobbi had her crawl to the door with a leash on her collar. She tightened her grip on his violently throbbing prick, pumping it hungrily, smearing her fingers in his dribbling fuck-cream. It was a 5 minute walk from the bus to the apartment which Marc told me to meet him at which wasnt at all scary.

I knew you did by the sounds I heard in your room.

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Now it's lawyers lawyers lawyers.
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Sweetie...omo....2 threads back to back!!
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Life is tough and we all could use a bit of a break sometimes.
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I saw teasers for Do's new drama & you immediately came to mind. What are your thoughts on it?
Shower Head
Shower Head

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